What is the Breakti® Method?    Upcoming Workshops and Trainings 



Upcoming Workshops and Trainings with Anya

Yoga in Zurich at AirYoga 
January 11-20, 2015
Workshops January 17-18
Floating on Hands and Ground.Path.Flight!

February 11
Meditation Module
Kula Yoga 200 Hour TT 
New York, NY

February 20
Yoga Union 
Vinyasa Yoga Intensive Weekend
500 Hour TT (this module also open to public)
1:15-4:15 pm 
New York, NY

February 27-28
Thames Street Yoga
Newport, RI
Floating on Hands and Ground.Path.Flight! workshops

February 29
Freeport Yoga 
Freeport, ME
Floating on Hands and Ground.Path.Flight! workshops

March 8
YogaWorks Soho
New York, NY
The Groundless Path and Meditations on the Mat workshops

What is the Breakti® Method? 

In my early college years I fell in love with street dance, and everything about it called me to MOVE, so I did just that. After receiving my Dance BFA I moved to Philadelphia to pursue the study of these forms, with an emphasis on break(dance). In my mid-20s, after years of abuse and aggression toward my body left me unable to dance, I turned to yoga as a healing path out of pain. Not only did yoga offer me tools for healing, I found aspects of the practice to be incredibly similar in terms of form and finesse to many of the postural 'freezes' of the breakin vocabulary. Since 2006, I have actively explored the interweaving of these two forms and have taught this tangible yet subtle pairing to students nationally and internationally, as the Breakti® Method. 

As I evolve as a teacher and practitioner, and pass the work to other teachers to share with their students, thus the work evolves. On the physical level, Breakti could be characterized by its unique sequencing, guiding students to transition seamlessly through different planes and from feet to hands using efficient and sustainable means. Breakti could also be characterized by its zest for exploring hand balancing and upside down forms as pathways to fearlessness and open heart. Ultimately, however, Breakti has its roots in the yoga and Buddhist traditions out of which it grew. Not unlike Patanjali's eight limbs or the Noble Eightfold path, Breakti points us not only to physical practice but also self-study and consistent attention. Practitioners are encouraged to shine a light into the places they misperceive (avidya) or get stuck (raga-dvesa) through discussion, postural explorations and meditation. The methodology can be modified, reworked and applied to diverse populations with varying needs and has been taught everywhere from yoga festivals and retreats to at-risk youth programs. 


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