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Upcoming Breakti ® Workshops and Trainings

Breakti Workshops are on Temporary Pause... while we rework and reimagine.

Kripalu - Breakti® Method

Oct. 4-6
Info and Registration Here

Om Factory, NYC
Weekly Classes

Om Factory Fashion District

In short....
Breakti is about cultivating our relationship to our own practice, relationship with our self, as well as how we interact with the world…
Breakti is about embracing change and fearlessness by facing our challenges with gentleness toward our self and others.
Breakti is about handstands, but it is also about heart.
Breakti is about the rhythm of music, but also the rhythm of life.
Breakti asks us to BREAK our habitual ways of perceiving ourselves and the world through the act of stepping into the fire, the circle, the cypher, the moment.

Featured in Yoga Journal, Origin Magazine and many other publications, Breakti® unites the precision, flow and attention of yoga with the dynamism, fierce playfulness, and power of street dance. Through a carefully crafted vinyasa sequence we efficiently access core and upper body strength, prepare the spine, wrists and shoulders, and open the sides and inner lines of the body using both traditional yoga asana and postures and transitions that derive from street dance and break(dance). The class builds to a dynamic, sweaty and engaging flow that integrates music, repetition and various hand balancing techniques.  Breakti® inspires practitioners to step to their edge, let loose inhibitions that can impede growth in practice, and discover and own their inherent fearlessness and strength in hand balancing, general asana, and the great "asana" of life off the mat.



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