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Finding the Balance: A Two-Day Journey into Well-Being

  • AirYoga Fabrikstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8005 Switzerland (map)
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Finding the Balance: A Two-Day Journey into Well-Being


The body is the filter through which we experience and relate to the world. When our body is out of balance or in disrepair, our relationship to life is often colored by the pain of this imbalance. In contrast, when we are physically well our experience of life is more easeful, and our capacity to work with the subtler aspects of heart and mind is often greatly enhanced.

In this weekend mini intensive, Anya will share a variety of methods for creating harmony and balance in the body using subtle and powerful variations of asana as well as self-administered and partnered hands-on work. In addition, vital practices of stillness, breath and meditation will lay the framework for maintaining the equilibrium established in the physical form. The backbone of the work includes a core set of techniques that successfully address specific systems, tissues and joints, however time and space will be provided for individual concerns from group participants. Each attendee can expect to come away with a deeper understanding of his or her own physicality and equipped with a set of tools to encourage sustainability on and off the mat for years to come. 

This format is designed for students and teachers of yoga, as well as those who are not regular practitioners. All are welcome to attend regardless of injury or limitation. If you have serious limitations that would prevent certain movements, please contact Anya in advance. The work will progressively build, so it is highly recommended to attend both days. 

Day 1: Lower Body + Grounding and Nourishing Practices
Areas covered will include: 

  • Mindfulness as the path to inner wisdom and the foundation for health
  • Personalized practices and postures for healthy feet, knees, hips, and lower back
  • The balance of stability and freedom in lower body and spine
  • Fascial lines and the cumulative and causal effect of injury and imbalance
  • Developmental movement and its relation to whole body health
  • Awareness and balance in stance and gait 
  • Postures and techniques that encourage the downward flow of energy to combat conditions like anxiety, stress and excitability

Day 2: Upper Body + Energizing and Expansive Practices
Building upon Day 1, we will continue with: 

  • Compassion as the path to expansive mind and open heart
  • Personalized practices and postures for healthy wrists, shoulders, upper back and neck
  • Backbends to encourage freedom and expansion in the upper body
  • Safe inversion practices for any body or condition
  • Creating and sustaining ease of breath 
  • Savasana and long-held restoratives to facilitate deep relaxation and spacious mind