Chögyam Trungpa: on taking practice too seriously

I really think this passage starts to point out what we so often do as practitioners…  we put our practice before our everyday life or somehow say that practice is the highest and everyday mundane tasks and interaction are lower or lesser.  He is saying it is ALL part of cultivating our awareness…  and that we can’t take ourselves too seriously, lest we lose sight of the simple and seemingly insignificant aspects of everyday life.  

“Attempts are made to develop awareness through awareness of body, awareness of surroundings, and also through group work of various kinds. But there’s a problem if we are unable to relate with and appreciate the insignificant details of our everyday life. Doing special body awareness practices might seem extraordinarily fruitful and liberating. Nevertheless, there’s still a dichotomy in your life. You feel the importance and the seriousness of the awareness practice in which you’re involved, but in fact, the more you feel that the whole thing is important and serious, the more your development of awareness is going to be destroyed. Real awareness cannot develop if you are trying to chop your experience into categories and put it into pigeonholes.”