Moving into the moment

New Years class today at 4 pm Soho… topic covers considering making every moment your practice rather than some extreme notion of austerity or being a “better” person. Resolutions are great as long as we don’t put ourselves in a position to fail because we don’t create enough space for ourselves and the reality of living in the world.

In the Mahayana Sutra it says true practice is to not abandon your own presence while showing yourself in the ceremonies of daily life. This essentially translates as taking simple every day tasks and making space for full presence in them as well in the undefined spots between point A and point B.

If we only think of a resolution or goal and the “rules” to get there we rob ourselves of all the opportunities in each moment to “resolve” to be present. And we rob ourselves of the space to be fully who we are.

Confused? Try coming to class!!