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MI-YA yoga
Stockerstrasse 58
2nd Floor/2. Stock

This intimate and beautiful practice space was born of a desire to establish a thriving community in Zürich that emphasizes intelligent and insightful teachings. We propose the notion that the movement you build on your mat should inform and enhance your life far beyond the studio. Because of the highly individual nature of our offerings, we are able to assist you in your personal growth and evolution. Injuries fall away. Unhealthy patterns transform. Self-aggression reveals itself. Peace abides. 

Join us. 

**we offer practice mats at no extra charge + shower facilities

weekly classes

MI-YA mondays
insightful asana (open to experienced beginners and up)

Limited to 8 students

special classes

last saturday of each month:  

smallbatch yoga therapy
10:00-11:00 (limited to 4 people)
40 francs

last saturday of each month:

teacher advanced studies (optional veggie potluck afterwards)
limited to 10
40 francs



Total Body

Tune Up

with Megan Huppert-Herdeg

Saturday, June 3rd

Total Body Tune Up with Megan Huppert-Herdeg

Massage, movement and breath work on their own are all wonderful ways to take care of yourself, but when you combine these all together you get a powerful tool to create lasting change. This is why yoga tune up is so effective. It is a is a way of working with the body through a unique blend of conscious movementstrategic breath techniques and self massage. The poses, routines and framework of this method bring you to a deeper understanding of your body’s own structure and physiology by identifying and addressing areas that are underused or overused and lacking awareness. Doing this work builds strength, increases flexibility and improves coordination which brings ease to your daily life and enhances your performance no matter what style of yoga or physical activity you practice. This workshop is suited for anyone wanting to live more comfortably in their body. 

In this workshop you will:

  • learn how to use yoga therapy balls to roll out and release tension
  • increase your overall strength and improve your mobility
  • build healthy habits to break dysfunctional movement patterns
  • relieve pain and stress
  • improve your proprioception, balance and coordination
  • leave feeling liberated and refreshed

Limited to 8 students