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MI-YA yoga
Stockerstrasse 58
2nd Floor/2. Stock

This intimate and beautiful practice space was born of a desire to establish a thriving community in Zürich that emphasizes intelligent and insightful teachings. We propose the notion that the movement you build on your mat should inform and enhance your life far beyond the studio. Because of the highly individual nature of our offerings, we are able to assist you in your personal growth and evolution. Injuries fall away. Unhealthy patterns transform. Self-aggression reveals itself. Peace abides. 

Join us. 

**we offer practice mats at no extra charge + shower facilities
***bike/velo parking in the inner court/Hof of building or around the corner "am Schanzengraben"

weekly classes

INSIGHT (yoga asana + mobility) with Anya Porter
highly individualized work rooted in both ancient yoga and modern science; designed to enhance and expand your practice and life on and beyond the mat. open to experienced beginners and up. 

Mondays 18:00-19:30
Thursdays 12:00-1:00 (beginning January 1)

limited to 6 students


DEEP RELEASE (massage + movement/mobility) with Megan Huppert Herdeg
therapeutic work including guided self massage and active range of motion to improve the way your body moves and feels.
(massage tools and props provided) open to all levels.

Wednesdays 18:00-19:00

limited to 8 students


DEEP INSIGHT (advanced studies)
each month will have a different theme, topics shared will cover self-practice, therapeutic applications of yoga, advanced asana variations and more. Open to intermediate and advanced students and teachers.



Drop-In...............30 CHF
2 Class Intro......50 CHF
5 Class Card......135 CHF


SADHANA studies: the art of vinyasa SOLD OUT
with Anya Porter and Maria Pountou

Saturday, October 6th 13:00-15:00

Join Maria and Anya on a quest to unpack the building blocks of the vinyasa or "flow" experience. What creates this quality in practice and life? How do we tap into repetition in order to learn and grow? What are the nuts and bolts of a smart and creative flow? Together, we build a vinyasa that encourages strength, mobility, freedom and lightness. Open to intermediate/advanced students and up.

MI-YA yoga is occasionally available for rental for yoga, meditation or other related projects. 

We offer: 

Changing area
2 Bathrooms with showers
Props including:

Enough props for 10 people to have (1 mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, sandbag)

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