Breakti is a mindful and well-aligned (both in body and intention) exploration of yoga and breaking/street dance. On another level it is simply a movement class that breaks down the perceived barriers around yoga, and to a lesser extent, dance. On the mental and spiritual plane it ultimately addresses fearlessness and compassion. 

Breakti facilitates processes by which students may think outside of the box (of yoga, dance, inversion, etc.) and uses that work to encourage inclusiveness and connection both inside and outside yoga culture. We have a lot of difficult subjects to address as practitioners that also require fearlessness and compassion: accessibility to yoga for people from all economic backgrounds; the commodification of yoga; ethnic, racial and gender diversity in yoga; environmental destruction and how our choices affect the natural world; body image and selfie culture; etc.

My personal mission is to continue to use the work of Breakti to keep showing practitioners on a personal level that they are capable and strong, regardless of what tricks they can do; and on a universal level to help them witness interdependence and the great need in our world for more compassion and inclusivity.

There are other teachers doing great work with Breakti, check them out here

**please note Anya is currently not offering this method explicitly. you can still visit her in regular public classes, but in the meantime please check out classes and workshops from other teachers in NYC and more! **

a personal note.. 

I danced my whole life and was an aspiring breaker from age 20 to probably 28. Street dance and Hip Hop music were my greatest loves as I became an adult, and they infused my life and still do in many ways. In short, Breakti was born of this love and over time has evolved as I have evolved as a human and practitioner. From the slightly altered way I sometimes teach arm balances, to the unique ways that I sequence, it all directs back to Breakti. My desire to help people address their fear and develop compassion for self and others stems from my own struggles with combining these two very different (yet in some ways so strikingly similar) forms. My desire to bring more inclusiveness and compassion to a yoga culture that often feels centered around practitioners who can do all the tricks or who have the best yoga body stems from being that yogi and not liking how it felt. Breakti sounds flashy (and at one point was really marketed that way when I was too young to know better) but it absolutely is not. It is mindful, clear, aligned practice that uses the element of fun to help people break out of their shells and see possibility.

Breakti began in 2010 as an aspiration to bring together two of my deepest passions, and has evolved since that time to become a thoughtful and earnest attempt to bridge many gaps I have found in Western yoga culture and practice and to shine some light into the darker areas of a world that espouses self-reflection yet often has little room for the real thing. In 2010 Breakti was a class that was half yoga and half dance - it was incredibly challenging and fun, and not for everyone because of the difficulty. Today it is much more seamless and accessible, and taught in a way that encourages self-reflection and insight. If you get a freeze (aka arm balance) or get better at flying, that’s great, but it's really not the point. Breakti was always about stepping up, but now it’s really clear to me that it’s about stepping up to your highest potential and supporting others along the way. That’s also been my mission as a teacher for others - I have spent a lot of time with those teachers who wish to take Breakti somewhere on their own, mentoring, guiding and trying to provide opportunities for them to grow and succeed.