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SOLD OUT - WAITING LIST! Shining A Light into the Shadows: Using Props to Investigate the Self

  • AIRYOGA 10 Fabrikstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8005 Switzerland (map)

Shining A Light into the Shadows:
Using Props to Investigate the Self

Limited to 20 participants (THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT ON SUNDAY, 1 SPACE ON SATURDAY - there is a waiting list and a possibility of adding two more spaces if the interest is there)
You may register here on AIRYOGA's website.

Throughout this weekend, we will focus on specific ways we may use props to explore deeper questions of physical and mental pathways, uniting the darker, more mysterious aspects of experience with the light of understanding. Chairs, blankets, blocks and other objects will provide the scaffolding to support asana and breath in various ways; allowing for deep and insightful presence in all aspects of practice. 

Shining Our Light Outward: Backbends and Inversions
Saturday 2-5 pm

Props such as the chair or blocks can offer support, length, and leverage, thus allowing entry into postures that may otherwise feel like a struggle or wholly unapproachable. Even for those poses that come with ease, these tools give a new paradigm through which to experience ourselves in space, as well as create unique ways to challenge our perceived limits. As we are supported by and interact with each prop, the vastness of each asana will expand in a myriad of ways. Likewise, as our experience of physical form changes, our own inner light has the capacity to unfold dynamically. This expressive class will culminate in meditative compassion work, designed to relate the physical expansion we encounter directly to the expansion of the heart.


Open, Held, and Shining Inwardly: Hip Opening Forward Bends and Restorative
Saturday 2-5 pm

It is often through the support of those in our closest circles where we can relax and open most readily. In this work, the props become like a dear friend and a beacon of possibility. Forward bends and hip opening postures will be set up with props in a variety of ways, providing a sense of structure and embrace in order for the physical body to let go. Stronger/tighter body types will find a sense of ease in these classes of poses, while more mobile/looser body types will find the stability needed to practice safely in their joints. As space is created in the legs, hips and low back, that same open quality is reflected in the mind and heart. Class will culminate in restorative, breath and contemplative work, directing our inner light to shine ever more deeply into the spaciousness found within.