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Vinyasa and Restorative Workshops in St. Gallen

  • Step In Studio Rathausplatz 7 Berneck 9442 Switzerland (map)

Ground. Path. Flight!  Skillful Vinyasa Transitions  

Vinyasa Yoga, which often emphasizes the fluid transitions between postures, can be an elegant and incredibly fun practice when all things (form, attention and effort) are consistently in their proper place.  The path of transition into and out postures is where injuries can sometimes occur, yet they are also ripe with potential for expansion and play when executed with clarity and awareness. The ground or foundation of this practice will focus on "the vinyasa" (chaturanga, updog downdog in tandem) as well as transitioning between standing asanas using clear alignment and attention. “Flying” or jumping from Uttanasana (standing forward fold) and from Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downdog) will also be explored in some detail. This workshop is for all levels.


Deep Space: Restorative Yoga for Mind and Body Wellness

When we are well supported in life, we often find we can let go and relax more deeply. In restorative work, we use yoga props (blocks, bolsters, belts) as our support system and foundation, so that the muscular and nervous systems may also relax and unwind. Using long supported holds ranging from forward folds to subtle inversions, we systematically make space throughout the body and allow the mind to take a much needed rest. Simple, accessible breathwork and meditation will also be explored. This workshop is an excellent complement to any vigorous practice (running, yoga, etc.) and is appropriate for all levels.