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Kind. Fierce. Revolutionary. a sadhana

  • Das Yoga Haus 6A Freyastrasse Zürich, ZH, 8004 Switzerland (map)

Kind-ness constitutes the basic ground of this sadhana or practice. A compassionate approach to our practice and to ourselves softens any hard edges and infuses our experience with possibility. 

Fierce-ness in this context is not aggressive or violent, entirely the opposite. Ferocity in sadhana is about engaging reality with courage. It is an unwavering commitment to lucid understanding, to insight. Infused with kindness, it is the means by which we continuously uncover our true awakened nature in practice. 

Revolutionary or “Re-evolving” practice traverses the natural cycles of inward to outward and back again, from potential to expansion to decay. In movement we follow the natural spirals of our DNA, our tissues, our bones. In intention, we follow the contiguous spirals of reflecting within in order to enact any necessary shifts outwardly, thus evolving. There is never a static state, a point where the currency/current-seeing is not mean to be reflected upon and refined. Our sadhana is enlivened.

Kind. Fierce. Revolutionary: is an asana and movement practice that is meant to allow space for individual discovery through collective effort. Mobilizations and spiraling warm-ups connect us to the building blocks of movement. Standing asana explorations include flow and dynamic progressions using blocks, blankets and other props in ways that both challenge and awaken. Inversions, hand balances, and backbends will be played with in ways that shift perception, and encourage us to support ourselves where we may be blind or vulnerable. The practice concludes with nervous system/subtle body down-regulation through restorative asana, breath work and meditation. 

Open to any human with some experience in structured movement. (asana, dance, martial arts, etc.)