Be Good To Yourself

"Be Good To Yourself"

Zoe in 2002; my apartment in Philadelphia

Zoe in 2002; my apartment in Philadelphia

When I moved to Zurich and got a new phone and phone number, the first thing I ensured was that I saved all my voicemails from my old phone onto my laptop before I wiped the old phone clean. Contained in over a hundred files were many messages of my dearest lifelong friend Zoe that I had saved in the last two years of her bright and inspired life. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent an hour going through those voicemails on my computer, searching for one she left me on my birthday two years ago. Today I finally found it. 

Her voice almost clear, just barely tarnished by the tumor that would later nearly erase her sweet silly sounds: she started, "Anyahashamika!" (One of her favorite nicknames for me). An amazing two minute long message followed, ending with "I Love You" and "Be Good To Yourself". 

What a message from a woman who was suffering daily from cancer - the more I contemplate her spirit since she has passed, the more I aspire to be like her every day.