Loscil's New Continuous Play App: Adrift - An Amazing Backdrop for Asana

Loscil has long been one of my favorite artists to "pop in" and press play during practice, due to the super subtle and ethereal nature of his work; a perfect backdrop of open sound in which to practice asana (or meditation perhaps, though I haven't tried that). His sounds are almost always a mixture of electronic waves and synth mixed with the more human and natural sounds of acoustic instruments, many times with the subtlest hint of a house or hip hop bassline so deep in the background, it almost doesn't register.

Last month, Scott Morgan (Loscil's real name) released Adrift, an app for iPhone and Android that offers four "tracks" of continuous play. The sound phrases were recorded from Loscil's own work as well as acoustic harp, piano and cello, and each element is randomly selected and woven together by the app based on structured random selection. Every track is named for a ship that was lost at sea, and each time you press play, the experience will be slightly different yet similar, like a ghost ship in the ocean. 

If you ever tire of making playlists occasionally or simply don't make them but wish for practice music, this is the app for you. It also creates an excellent environment for reading, writing, visual art, or any other activity that could be uplifted by environmental sound. The interface is also beautiful and simple. My only issue has been a minor and elementary but frustrating learning curve with accidentally switching tracks by pressing the wrong button (not wanting students to notice the music changing as a distraction to asana). Overall, I highly, highly recommend.

More info and download: http://loscil.ca/adrift/