Using discomfort to wake up..


We've moved into Right Mindfulness this week in class, or samyak sankalpa. As a first step we dove into mindfulness of body as a way of seeing our visceral, alive experience. Yesterday we worked with "mere recognition" and while the word "mere" has been hard to translate (somewhere between pure, simple, and basic), it was agreed that anerkennung is the right word for "recognition".  

Here is a lovely passage from Chogyam Trungpa, whose writings have inspired me very much. Hope this is helpful!

"Meditating in the midst of physical discomfort actually helps you to be in your body, and it may help you to connect with the aliveness or the living quality of your meditation practice. Similarly, when you have pain in your joints while you’re sitting, in your legs, your knees, your back, or your neck, those sensations provoke awareness. Particularly in the practice of meditation, discomfort can increase an appreciation of being alive."