Samadhi, awake in the here and now.

Right Concentration is the usual English translation of this particular aspect of the Eightfold Path - in sanskrit it is Samyak Samadhi. That word, samadhi is a word we have heard before if we have read the yoga sutras or perhaps heard our teacher speaking about the ultimate stage of yoga... 

Without getting too esoteric, I want to place this in laymen's terms. In one sense, samadhi is certainly a state that we practice to achieve, and yet it is also a state that is readily available to us in any moment. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, "A wave does not need to die to become water. She is already water." We are already awake, we simply forget. 

What are you doing right now? What is the smell in the air, the taste in your mouth, the feel of the phone or the computer on your fingertips? What is happening with your right knee or your left shoulderblade? How is your breath? What is the quality of light in the room in which you are sitting? 

We can touch our awakeness at all times. The practice is to stay with that (right meditation). Again and again (right effort). And again. This breath. And this one. And now this one.

Wake up to your life right now. You can. It is possible!