Been tumbling on the waves of a cold/sinus/throat thing… mixed with this strange concoction of delirious excitement/anticipation/nervousness for things to come + heaviness at what has passed this year on so many levels. I am reminded upon doing some writing, a bit of sitting and a lot of soul searching… that the basic ground of this existence, no matter the horrors or atrocities we see on the news, no matter the deep loss we experience personally, no matter our own feelings of ineptness or “not enough”… the basic ground is abundantly wealthy with the purity of primordial wisdom. Our basic nature is not flawed. Some might call this god or God or One or The Way or the Tao or Buddha-nature… but it is there. I don’t always remember it or see it, but when I actually sit and feel or when I read sacred texts or look into a being’s eyes and really actually look… it is there. This is simply our fundamental truth. Whether we see it or not. We still must fight for what’s right and still must hold our fellow humans and sentient beings upright, we still must sit down and work with our own mind. Knowing that we are basically good, that we are whole at the start the middle and the end should actually give us inspiration to stand and fight and hold up one another and sit with ever more fervor. And more ease. Can we do that? Can we keep asking the tough questions and seeing the humanity in one another BECAUSE we recognize our collective and simple perfection? I think so. So does Jack. 😉 #meditate #metta

A photo posted by Anya Porter (@anyaporteryoga) on Dec 12, 2014 at 12:27pm PST