Comment from last night's class...

First off I want to thank all students who come to me in a candid and honest manner.  It is dialogues such as these that spark real conversation and I am glad that students feel comfortable asking tough questions or calling me out on things I say.  


from anonymous:

i was in your class last night - yogaworks, thurs march 1 and thank you for your teaching and passion. my one gentle comment to you - is that the point you made about the interdependence project for “young” people. i know ethan and while he is “young”, i don’t think he created this organization to exclude anyone because of their age. ethan is young but his group is for everyone and anyone interested. thank you

—> Of course…  I should have chosen my words more carefully.  I in no way meant to imply that the organization is just for young people.  What I should have been more clear about is that there is, however, a certain vibe that I feel at IDP that exudes the qualities of a “youthful” organization (active as in activism, fresh, vibrant, somewhat edgy) that i do not feel as much at, say, the Shambhala Center.  I love both centers very much and go to both for specific reasons and I have seen people of all ages at both.  Let me also say that while IDP is a relatively younger organization it is ALSO NOT to imply it is not well established, well organized, and doing very important work.  That is all I meant.  Thanks for calling it to attention.