GREEN. Irish. Hridaya Chakra. Love.

So I googled yoga with everything from shamrocks to leprechauns and I have to admit there was some strange stuff out there…  The old standard “Irish Yoga” with the picture of the drunk guys in seeming yoga poses passed out blissfully from their previous imbibements (while not a true word, a fun one to say after a few green beers I bet)…

Then there were literally dozens of shamrock yoga mats with references to everything from beer to kisses…  Hilarious but not quite what I had in mind.

Finally I came across the gaelic translation of the word heart:  Croí (pronounced Cree)

I thought this was beautiful, and wanted to sit with three words that tie us all together.

Croí : Hrdaya : Heart

Gaelic : Sanskrit : English

Gaelic (a fusion of immigrant dialect with what is known as Old Celtic- related actually to Latin) and Sanskrit are both ancient languages and offer us a different insight into words themselves.  While I do not know as much about Gaelic as I do Sanskrit (in which I am still a novice)..  I can say that Sanskrit placed much meaning in each syllable, that every syllable was meant to have a specific vibrational effect on the body.  I can imagine the ancient Celts to have the same intention with their language.

In Sanskrit, Hrid means “Center”, Ayam means “This”, so Hrdaya can be translated as This Center. What is interesting to me as well is that the Heart Chakra (Hridaya Chakra, also called Anahata) is represented with a green color, the color of the Irish.  While I obviously don’t believe these to be directly related, I do believe the color green, more so than red, is a color of transforming into love, compassion and devotion. 

So on St. Patty’s day, whether you are sipping green beer, sitting at your desk, or sliding into side plank, think GREEN.  Not just for the Irish, but for your heart…. for the compassion and love you contain and can offer to yourself and to all who need it now.  Your friends, your family, the world. 

For more on Hridaya click the image:

Hridaya Chakra