Gross National Happiness - from Bhutan's Prime Minister

All this leads me directly to the key announcement I want to make today. From now on, [in Bhutan] we will start accounting properly for all this country’s precious wealth – including our natural wealth and our human, social, and cultural wealth – and we’ll stop focusing narrowly on our financial and manufactured wealth alone, as if that was all that mattered. Of course, we’ll continue to count that, but from now, we’ll be able to figure, for the first time, the true costs of economic activity, and we’ll be able to balance that activity with a proper accounting of our natural, human, and cultural wealth, which of course are key pillars of Gross National Happiness. In short – we’ll create balanced GNH Accounts for this country, and thereby build the world’s first comprehensive set of national accounts.

- Prime Minister of Bhutan, H.E. Jigmi Y. Thinley

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