if you didn't see the article i wrote in origin magazine....

here it is: 

from origin magazine - issue 5, march 2012

If I told you I were able to connect to myself, others, and what I believe to be the highest as clearly through hip hop as I do through yoga, would you look at me in disbelief? When you hear the word breakdance, does your mind evoke the antithesis of a mindful and contemplative yoga practice? If you nodded in agreement with either or both, I invite you to join me in a Breakti movement class.

From the moment I consciously opened myself to the power of hip hop music, I touched into an experience of self that I had only brushed up against before. When I danced and nodded to the music, the chasm between self and other

began to dissipate. Years later, a dancing injury took me to the yoga mat, where I opened myself consciously to the power of asana to heal my body. The repetition of movement and breath on the mat, though new, felt strikingly familiar – I found in it a similar experience of the narrowing gap between self and other, a return to my-self through myself.

The convergence of these experiences is what gave birth to the Breakti movement. Breakti unites postures and transitions from both yoga and street dance styles into a class that is at once challenging and freeing for both mind and body.

My mission in the evolution of this work has always been to open the space for my students to have an experience of both personal and cultural rhythm, a spiritual experience of themselves in relation to ground, music, and movement. Breakti is also a powerful cross-pollinator of cultures. Hip hop invites youth to experience the benefits of yoga. Challenging poses invite the archetype of strong men to learn where to soften. Beat-driven, exhilarating music invites those to class who might dismiss traditional yoga practices.

Breakti seeks to transcend our familiar stereotypes of what yoga or hip hop is, revealing instead a new path back to who we are. Along the way, it might teach you a thing or two about what it means to get down in your dog.


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