It is an unbelievably beautiful day in Brooklyn.  Breakti has hit an all new high in its path.  And I feel like it’s finally time to share a song that I feel helped bring me to Brooklyn to do this thing that I do and engage with the city .  When I first heard this album, I kind of lost my mind.  10 years later, I find myself in the place where everyone comes to shine their brightest light on the world. 

It is true that Mos Def was one of the most influential and pivotal artists for me in my college years.  He and other hip hop music and dance artists allowed me to see this immense desire in my heart to be immersed in the rhythm and flow of the big city.   This music connected me back to my early years and simultaneously drew a vector line to where I stand today. 

How fitting that the closer I get to understanding how to be in the moment more often, the deeper my connection becomes to the web of all that inspires me and moves me. 

Tomorrow may never come, for you or me life is not promised…  You better hold this very moment very close to you…  so close to you…  don’t be afraid.

Inspiration is exponential and spreads like the most beautiful epidemic.  Thanks, Mos.