making space for awareness in action

so often i walk down the street in the city, and so often i am focused solely on getting from point a to point b.  rushed, stressed out, anxious…  i repeatedly have to remind myself to calm down, breathe more deeply, and stop getting annoyed with the person in front of me who won’t move fast enough (i mean, really, the nerve of all of those people who don’t have MY best interest in mind… ).

yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day.  i decided to walk from the Union Square studio to the Soho studio.  slowly i strolled through Washington Square Park, through NYU, through Noho/Soho…  it was unbelievably quiet and peaceful.   it was like the abundance of space in the sky absorbed the chaos of the city and transformed it into a breezy meditteranean oasis. 

it was in this long journey that i remembered what i have been teaching all week.  awareness in action.  hold not so dearly and tightly to the fruit of your efforts.  this is not to say that the fruit is not sweet or unimportant, but how can you make your journey just as succulent and unforgettable as the “end result”?  and when is an end result ever the END???

thank you nyc.