our miami vices.

how many times can you recall pining after something that wasn’t your own only to find out it wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as you fantasized it to be?  this subject makes me think of a story from when i was in first or second grade…  me and my best friend stephany were supremely into MIAMI VICE and all things miami including flamingos, neon lights, and palm trees.  and of course don johnson. 

stephany’s birthday always fell 8 days before mine, hers was november 1st and mine was november 9th.  this particular year on her birthday, my parents gave her this amazing oversized flamingo shirt.  it was light pink with hot pink flamingos and said “flamingo row”.  and i was absolutely and utterly devastated that she got it.  i was so jealous.  i felt scorned, unloved, betrayed by my family, the world felt like it was moving in one direction and i had been left behind. I WANTED A FLAMINGO ROW SHIRT!!

i spent the next eight days pining after this shirt.  and in fact, i do believe i went sneaking in my parents’ bedroom looking for any sign of hope that i might also receive this most holiest of hotness clothing articles…  and guess what? i found one for me too in a bottom drawer SCORE!!!  and guess what?  after the one moment of satisfaction at my discovery, i also felt a sense of guilt and then deflation at realizing that 90% of the value of my prize had been built up in my own head.  now that i knew it was mine, it didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.  (and i also had to fake surprise upon opening - sorry mom!!!)

the point is that we do this our whole lives.  we yearn after what we don’t have, we see something we think we need and sometimes even obsess about it to the point of overstepping boundaries with ourselves and others (like my parents drawers), only to find it wasn’t what we thought it might be once we do manage to get our hands on it. 

what’s your flamingo t shirt right now?  try turning it around and look at it without all the inner hype and know that if you do ever land the prize, it will more than likely be something other than what you bargained for. 

“a sense of humor goes a long way when looking at our miami vices.  a white and pink fashion color scheme doesn’t hurt either.” - Crockett and Tubbs

miami vice