Samhain - when the veil thins.

Something we’ve talked a lot about in my training this week is that this is the “cross quarter” time of year.  This is the time of year when the veil thins between this world and the “other” worlds…  and our ancestors and spirit guides are closer to us. This is a time to remember and celebrate those we have lost and who have moved on from this world.

This translates very much to Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos…  and also the Gaelic Samhain…  In ancient cultures THIS was actually considered the beginning of the year and a time to reflect on all that has happened and set intentions for the coming year. 

Perhaps you’ve lost someone special to you this past year or you might like to make some time to remember those you’ve loved and lost…  whatever has fallen away this past year can be remembered with an intention to fill that spaciousness left behind with something beautiful from your own intentions..

To new beginnings.  And remembering where we’ve come from.