six month challenge discussion point

isn’t it always the way that we create these rules and “resolutions” for ourselves only to trip up and feel like we failed? why does it always have to be so black and white - “i would be BETTER if i could do this or stop doing that”. what if we sat with it all and acknowledged our obstacles as a part of ourselves - that ALSO contain the seeds of beauty??? what if we said that we are already GOOD and BEAUTIFUL. and that achieving some ideal isn’t what it’s about. it’s about finding where the splinters are and kindly, compassionately working them out. maybe it takes a few hours, maybe a few years. maybe a lifetime. it’s the discipline and the love that weave together that make it feel more bearable, more real. we don’t have to be a superman or superwoman now or ever.

what if we can make our lists and then work kindly. just work kindly on ourselves without having to be some better version of ourselves. we work kindly simply because being kind and disciplined will help us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the world…

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