Something was happening in New York that year.  There was a force in the air that didn’t have a name yet.  And this one afternoon, it was alive at a block party in the Park Hill projects in Staten Island.  I had come by to visit my cousin Gary, who would become the GZA.  There, between the two buildings where kids played stickball, some DJs had plugged their systems into the lights.  I remember walking in, hearing the sound, feeling the energy, and getting sucked in. 

…   [The MCs} were on the mike saying just a coupe of very simple rhymes, the same two or three lines all night long.  That was rap way back then - just one or two phrases repeated. Like a mantra.  And when I heard that beat and those rhymes, I felt a euphoria I can’t even explain.  I ended up staying there through the night, not getting back to the house until eleven o'clock and getting an ass-whupping from my mother. 

From the Tao of Wu - by the RZA