bouncing for fascial health

I recently posted this on my instagram account... it's something I have incorporated a lot more since having a baby. I began to intuit that the bouncing would help me regain the integrity of my fascia after all those pregnancy hormones left me feeling SO lax. It's true! Bouncing aids in the health of our fascia/connective tissue and is said to be good for the lymphatic system and other regulatory systems as well (I read here that doctors are researching super bouncy roller coasters for passing kidney stones!)... 

So incorporate some bouncing into your daily routine as a key component of the health of your fascia. Your body will thank you and it's fun too!

Thomas Myers talks Fascia on YogaDork

As I’ve been studying with Doug Keller recently, I have learned more and more how the fascia is really the matrix on which everything develops and grows in our bodies.  The fascia is already there to shape our brain and organs as we develop in the womb.  It also is fully innervated and is the most important sensory perception we have in the body.  Doug Keller links it literally to the physical manifestation of Prana.  It is where we experience life as flow and feeling.  Read more from Thomas Myers here.