New Year's New New Playlist!!

It’s finally up!!!  

I realized as I put this on Grooveshark that two of my favorite songs ever are called “Sure Thing”…  this is the original on this list.  You can prolly guess the other.

Had an amazing time sharing this music with you all this week.  Enjoy.  Click on the album or here for playlist.

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St Germain New Year

Class playslist: Shout out to Def Jux


This week’s list brings out three tracks from the crates that take me back to days of hip hop yore.  Cannibal Ox was a defining sound from the Def Jux label, the same label that held Aesop Rock, Company Flow,  AND Columbus bred producer (aayo!) RJD2.  Don’t mind if I do say RJ and I went to the same highschool….. 

Enjoy, all you crazy yoga heads and others who like music that takes you there.

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New Playlist! Week of 7/25

Dub Side Influence

missing a few tracks including the following…  which I could not find or yet upload to grooveshark… (click the photo or HERE)

Track 5 Dub Side Influence (MK1 Lion1Music Remix) by Ware

Track 9 Samba by Super Boire Band on the Kon & Amir present Offtracks Album

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Actual Class Playlist

Hey y'all…  sorry it’s taken me so long tonight to get this up.  Have had a frustrating evening with my new friend, Grooveshark.  She doesn’t want to give me all the songs I look for so I’ll have to make do by uploading them direct onto the blog…

In the meantime, here is the actual track list.  

1.  Rosa (K&K Streichquartett Version) - Tosca
2.  I Only Know (What I Know Now) - James Blake
3.  Oriental Folk Song  - La FunkMob (Wayne Shorter) 
4.  An Easy Life  - Broken Bells
5.  You -  TV On The Radio
6.  Run / Fedimes Flight (Micatone / Jazzanova)  - Sonar Kollektiv Orchester
7.  Boss Tres Bien - Quartet Tres Bien
8.  we all try  -  frank ocean
9.  Someone Great  - LCD Soundsystem
10.  Honey - Tosca
11.  Planetary Deadlock - Beanfield
12.  Simply Beautiful - Al Green
13.  You’ve Changed - Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette

It’s the frank ocean track of the day (well almost)… 

from last week’s class playlist (see the rest on grooveshark here - this would have been track #5)…  enjoy!!  the other missing track will go up tomorrow… 

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playlist for week of 3/1


Now you can download and listen to most of the music I play in class (although some is not available on grooveshark and you’ll have to find on your own!)


songs not in this mix because they weren’t available:

Damn (Marcel Remix) - Coming Home Compiled by Nightmares on Wax
Our Sorrow -Beats Means Highs by the Solid Doctor
The Deep and Slo - The Deep and Slow by Ray Castoldi

playlist for class week of 2/22

Breathe - The Cinematic Orchestra
Deadly Species - Alif Tree
If You Didn’t Love Me (Don’t Go Away) - D.J. Rogers
Sara Smile - Hall and Oates
Ya Ya Cha Cha - Lonnie Hewitt & The Little Sisters & Co.
Hung Up On My Baby - Isaac Hayes
Troubled People - The Heads of the Family
Blinking Pigs - Little Dragon
Damn (Marcel Remix) - Nightmares on Wax
See Line Woman - Nina Simone
Our Sorrow - The Solid Doctor
The Deep and Slo - Ray Castoldi