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New record 'Black Sands Remixed’

Released 13 Feb (EU) / 21 Feb 2012 (NA)
CD with limited edition coloured 5" vinyl
3xLP with extra Funkineven & Letherette mixes
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New 12" single 'Kiara’ - 30 January 2012
A1. Kiara (Cosmin TRG Remix)
A2. Kiara
B1. Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)
B2. Kiara (Funkineven Remix)

New Year's New New Playlist!!

It’s finally up!!!  

I realized as I put this on Grooveshark that two of my favorite songs ever are called “Sure Thing”…  this is the original on this list.  You can prolly guess the other.

Had an amazing time sharing this music with you all this week.  Enjoy.  Click on the album or here for playlist.

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St Germain New Year

this is the hotness….  from dimitri from paris, courtesy of the one mark lowyns… 

Disco ? not Disco ? Deffo a New York thing.
I worked the remix out from the original premixed stems and added a new live drum and bass rhythm section (Courtesy of Jose-Rafael Torres of Los Amigos Invisbles).
This will NOT be released but is available as a 320k MP3 download to my followers for now.
So spread the word and stay tuned :)

Class playslist: Shout out to Def Jux


This week’s list brings out three tracks from the crates that take me back to days of hip hop yore.  Cannibal Ox was a defining sound from the Def Jux label, the same label that held Aesop Rock, Company Flow,  AND Columbus bred producer (aayo!) RJD2.  Don’t mind if I do say RJ and I went to the same highschool….. 

Enjoy, all you crazy yoga heads and others who like music that takes you there.

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i can’t load this song onto the internets, but it’s on my playlist above.  here it is on youtube…  you get the artist and the sound, everything else is up to you.

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