the city of kali

i fall in love again with the city as if she is a fierce goddess…  dark and heavy, her humid hands cradle my face with a sweet remembrance that whispers decades of wonder into my ears.  summer air holds sirens and the hot breeze dancing through tree leaves.  i move through sidewalks and subways like a waiting devotee, asking for a moment, a breath of her acknowledgement…  one space where i can fit in and be held, be heard and understood as her own.  

but alas she is me.  she waits for me as i unfold her and she lets me reveal her in shavings, in peelings of skin and dirt.  i trace a clean line down her sweaty cheek and she responds with a teardrop of midnight stillness.  i empty myself and dive in.  

i am offering myself to her, i have yearned for so long to be understood by the streets, to be absorbed and uplifted by this steel and concrete pulsation that is my home.  here we lie together hand in hand, me wrapped in her thick summer night.  i am bowing to her heat, scooping out all of myself and giving it away to her and reciting mantras of hip hop and street music so she might hear me.  

I forgot along the way when my heart was so deeply broken that she loves me.  i descended into her bowels thinking that the underground was an endless night.  i stopped remembering the absolute devotion that i still hold in my heart…  the religion of her street-love.  

but now i remember again.  i remember she used to tell me how full we all are, how perfect and immaculate we are in our own grime and dissonance.  this trash and pavement is an opportunity to uncover a deeper beauty.  this city is a playground for harnessing our holograms of infiniteness.  

i welcome myself back to her arms.  bhakti in my heart, i will offer everything because she is already me.  and i am she.  atha yoganusasanam.  here begins the auspicious discipline of yoga.  again and again and again we begin.