The Yoga Mogul - John Friend, Creator of the Anusara School -

yoooooo…  this article swipes john friend through some subtle mud…  it’s true he has amassed quite a following and his charisma is undeniable and sometimes almost scary, but really????  the edge and tone to this writing feels somewhat nasty.  perhaps that’s the whole point.  make yoga teachers appear human (because they are) by pointing out their inevitable faults.

i’d like to hope that his truth is really there and that the intention behind what he’s doing remains founded in the mission of the movement. 

i have drawn a lot from anusara and mr. friend and i find it to be an affirming and expansive practice.  i don’t think it’s the only practice by any means, but i think it touches on things that other physical yogas do not. 

go check out some anusara in NYC at virayoga with elena brower, at yogaworks soho with julie dohrman, or abhaya with tara glazier.  see for yourself what all the buzz is about….