Turning Inward, Revealing Outward

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The more that I tread down the path of evolving and creating a classroom that echoes the integrity that I wish to cultivate in my life as a whole, the harder I realize that process to be.  One of the most important practices I have had to cultivate is that of continuously turning inward.  In sanskrit, the word parivrtti denotes a turning, and often a turning inward.  You hear poses like parivrtta trikonasana (revolved triangle) or parivrtta ardha chandrasana (revolving half-moon pose).  These poses are both cleansing and clarifying in that they reflect on a physiological level this same process of looking in. 

When we look inside ourselves, gazing toward the light of our hearts, there are often many clouds and layers of dust that cover over that which ultimately shines with effulgence in all ways, always.  As we practice on the mat, attuned to the rhythm of our breath and hearbeat, the metronome of music, we can often begin to reveal our light through the work of being present in the challenge of whatever physical, mental, or emotional hurdles present themselves.  In this way, to turn inward, to nestle into the folds of our own clouds and dust so that we can find the light, is to also turn outward and reveal the brilliance we already contain once we re-discover. 

As we settle into the winter months, it is a time of constant turning inward to find ourselves exactly where we are.  Sometimes the clouds are thick and gloomy and other glorious days we may find our light with little effort…  but always, like the sun behind the winter haze, our light is there.