bouncing for fascial health

I recently posted this on my instagram account... it's something I have incorporated a lot more since having a baby. I began to intuit that the bouncing would help me regain the integrity of my fascia after all those pregnancy hormones left me feeling SO lax. It's true! Bouncing aids in the health of our fascia/connective tissue and is said to be good for the lymphatic system and other regulatory systems as well (I read here that doctors are researching super bouncy roller coasters for passing kidney stones!)... 

So incorporate some bouncing into your daily routine as a key component of the health of your fascia. Your body will thank you and it's fun too!

Posture!! - a TED video

I have one or two concerns with the way a few things were depicted visually but overall this is super important.  

Oh and by the way, yoga done from the original blueprint of bad posture often makes things worse! i.e. forward bends with the curve absent or reversed in the lumbar (not to mention headstand or shoulder stand with the head projected forward from all that texting). This is why props and proper instruction can be so useful for so many of us!!!