Stream Prince Live.

I can't write anything about Prince right now because all I want to do is listen. This radio station is streaming his work in chronological order. 

Go check it. I can't even believe I am posting this.


Phife Dawg and J Dilla One Last Time: "Nutshell" Premiere

I missed out on sharing some things on social media while I was entering the new world of motherhood. One of the big ones was the passing of Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor recently. Okayplayer recently announced this full release of the single, "Nutshell", with a final collaboration of two great artists, Dilla and Phife. 

Listen, watch, enjoy. Me and my six-week old have been bouncing to it together. May you fly free and may your music live forever, Phife. Thanks for bringing magic to this world for me and countless others.

Ohio Party: The Hits. Listen up.

This party was a staple for me and many of my friends a few years back in Brooklyn, NY. They played some of the best funk and soul found on the planet, they were all from Ohio (where I am also from) and in addition to the amazing shirts created for each party, you were guaranteed to see some serious getting down. 

Thanks to Ohio Party vet, David Osborne, for sharing this at a time when my nostalgia for all the good things about NYC is at an all-time high. You made my day, my week... and a lot more. Long live Ohio Party.


Loscil's New Continuous Play App: Adrift - An Amazing Backdrop for Asana

Loscil's New Continuous Play App: Adrift - An Amazing Backdrop for Asana

Loscil has long been one of my favorite artists to "pop in" and press play during practice, due to the super subtle and ethereal nature of his work; a perfect backdrop of open sound in which to practice asana (or meditation perhaps, though I haven't tried that). Last month, Scott Morgan (Loscil's real name) released Adrift, an app for iPhone and Android that offers four "tracks" of continuous play. This is my review as a yoga teacher and lover of music.

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