Hi! I’m Anya. I’m a human, a mother, a wife, a mover, a teacher, a student, an artist, a scientist.

I have dedicated my life to understanding and exploring movement and embodiment, and to assisting others in discovering their own processes and paths to living well. My formal studies began in 1998 in University; pursuing a dual degree in Dance and Plant Biology. My journey since that time has taken me in many directions, but the thread that weaves through all of it is my sincere pursuit of understanding the human experience and the natural world.

Compassionate discipline, deep listening, discernment and awareness are the foundations of my practice and the practices I teach. My primary mission while working with others is to create a space for each person to find their own way into these four elements. Through this process, the ground is laid for changes great and small; physically, emotionally, spiritually. While teaching in groups is a pleasure for me, working with individuals often reveals the greatest shifts and it is my sincere joy to create the conditions for others to transform and heal themselves.

In 2019 I began offering, with the input of other outstanding teachers, the Insight Body advanced teacher education. This offering, to uplift and empower other teachers, is one of my greatest career accomplishments. I am continuing to build further modules and my vision is to present this work in accessible ways to people all over the world.

I am deeply inspired and forever changed by motherhood, social and environmental justice movements, and the complex intertwining of our connection (or lack thereof) to the planet and its effect on our human spirit. I do not see these things as separate from my practice or teaching, but greater conduits for the path that I am on.

My Primary Teachers: 

Carrie Owerko, yoga asana - Iyengar method - my current mentor
Gary Ward, gait and movement repatterning, anatomy and biomechanics
Ethan Nichtern, buddhist studies and meditation
Gabriel Halpern, yoga asana, pranayama and therapeutics - Iyengar method

Other Major Influences:

Chögyam Trungpa and other shambhala teachings
Katy Bowman, movement ecology, biomechanics
the interdependence project, nyc - buddhist studies, meditation
Raphael Xavier, break(dance) and movement studies
Schuyler Grant, art of vinyasa, assists and sequencing
Doug Keller, applied yoga therapy
Katonah Yoga/Nevine Michaan, asana and pranayama, assists
Jillian Pransky, restoratives and therapeutics
Laurel Hodory, ashtanga, alignment-based approaches