bettina weighted roped downdog
Nach einer misslungenen Meniskus OP bin ich bei Anya in der Yogatherapie, es ist unbeschreiblich wie gut mir diese Stunden tun. Ich bin mir inzwischen sicher, dass ich mit Anya’s Hilfe den Meniskus nicht haette operieren muessen.
— Tiziana F.
I suffer from the classical bad posture / shoulder problem most people working on a computer have, and often suffer from headaches related to this. The Yoga Therapy Sessions enable me to dig deeper, guide me to relearn movement and deeper awareness and help me to make an end to the pain.
— Kirsten H.
‘While preparing for a rowing marathon of 500km I injured my shoulder in such a way that I had 2 options: go well trained, but with a damaged shoulder or go less practiced and giving my shoulder a break (the 3rd option: not going, wasn’t an option). A mutual friend brought me in contact with Anya and with her tips and tricks me and my shoulder were ready to go within 3 weeks and I proudly succeeded my rowing adventure. Lieve Anya, super bedankt! Judith van den Hoeven’
— Judith V.

REVIVE yoga therapy sessions:

Join Anya and assistant teachers in this intimate semi-private setting designed to explore specific needs of students including injuries, mobility issues, balancing strength and flexibility and other unique situations that cannot be addressed in most group classes. This is designed to be a learning environment for both the assistants as well as the client, so the cost is greatly reduced from a regular private or semi-private session. 

Very limited capacity (4-8 people maximum depending on how many assistants are available). 

English spoken with German translation if needed.